Selected List of Clients Served

Financial Services

AMT Capital Advisers, Inc. – financial advisory services/private investment firm

Bankers Trust – diversified financial services provider

Bhirud Associates – investment research boutique

Clarion Group – domestic/offshore hedge funds, venture fund

CWH Associates/Worthington Growth LP – investment management firm, hedge fund

Frank Russell Company – asset strategy consultants

High View Capital – hedge fund

Loja Group LLC – real estate investment management firm

Matrix Capital Management – quantitative institutional money manager

New Amsterdam Partners – GARP-style institutional money manager

Neuberger & Berman/ Neuberger & Berman Management – investment management firm/mutual funds

Oppenheimer & Co./Oppenheimer Funds – brokerage/investment management firm/mutual funds

PCM International – global institutional money manager

Smith Breeden Associates – research-driven institutional asset management firm

The Updata Group – investment bankers to the data processing industry

Consulting Services

Appleseed Healthcare Resources – healthcare supply chain consultants

BeamPines – human resources consultants

Benz Communications – employee benefits communications consultants

BHC Consulting – technology consultants

Boston Consulting Group – international management consultants

Deloitte – human capital, strategy, technology consultants

Moran, Stahl & Boyer – provider of corporate site selection, relocation services

NCI – provider of education/intelligence to healthcare supply chain stakeholders

Prudential Intercultural/Group Moves –intercultural/corporate group moves consulting services


Legal Services

Hannoch Weisman – Roseland, NJ-based law firm

Penelope Morgan, Esq. – elder law attorney

Judge Anthony Scarpino – 9th Judicial District Supreme Court, White Plains, NY

Alan Scheinkman, Esq. – family law attorney



American/Saudi Roundtable – for U.S. input into new Saudi import standards

Limeade – an enterprise health, wellness and performance engagement platform

OnlineBenefits, Inc. – leading provider of market-proven, Web-based benefits delivery solutions

Trustnode –online, interactive cartoon-driven education/enrollment platform for employee benefits


Public Companies

Vicor Technologies, Inc. – producer of medical diagnostics

Duty Free International, Inc. – leading provider of duty free merchandise

Little Switzerland (Morgan-Walke) – duty free retailer

Nature Food Centres (Morgan-Walke) – health food store chain

Tecnol Medical Products (Morgen-Walke) – producer of surgical/medical masks

Lumex Inc. (Morgen-Walke) – leading manufacturer of healthcare/fitness products

Government Technology Services (Morgen-Walke) – technology reseller to the government